One More Night In The Lab
Anonymous 13/09/16(Mon)02:15 No.1

Anonymous 13/09/16(Mon)23:05 No.2

Do the tentacles/milk suction device do anything? If so, how are they activated?

Anonymous 13/09/17(Tue)10:09 No.3

Is there a guide for this or something? Figuring shit out here is hella frustrating

Anonymous 13/09/17(Tue)13:58 No.4

>>3 to remove the top, max out the size, and click the buttons as fast as you can in rapid succession, or just tab until you have a button highlighted (the top one) then spacebar, tab, spacebar,tab,spacebar. you now have boob fun,

Anonymous 13/09/17(Tue)23:17 No.5

how do you max out the hair?

Anonymous 13/09/18(Wed)03:00 No.6

>>5 click the hair til it is untied, then point the beams at her head, then slide the slider upwards

Anonymous 13/09/18(Wed)04:46 No.7

Amazing find, didn't even know that Smith made anything new.

BTW Anyone have an archive of Smith's animations? He's one of the few artists to always have great BE flashes.

Anonymous 13/09/18(Wed)17:30 No.8

Noob question... I made an account but it keeps saying "You are not allowed to view this image." Help please.

Anonymous 13/09/18(Wed)17:45 No.9

>>8 I'm talking out of my ass here as I can't recall the making of my FA account. I just log in and I can look at whatever I'd like.

First, you need to be over 18 to view the content, and the birth date on your account needs to match. I would hope that you are, in fact, over the age of 18, otherwise you shouldn't be on this board. If so, you probably just made a mistake when entering your birth date. I'm sure it can be fixed.

If not that, it may be that your account has a mature content filter enabled on it. Dick around with the settings and see if you can find something like that.

Anonymous 13/09/18(Wed)18:15 No.10

How do i take her cloths off? There isn't really a proper intro to this...

Anonymous No clue 13/09/18(Wed)20:25 No.11

If you were able to view the comments for this, you'll find a lot of people are annoyed with the lack of any hints on how to get started, whereas Jaques and the guy who helped code the game more or less wanted it that way and are, I would assume, genuinely surprised as to why everyone is so angry or puzzled by everyone's annoyance and seem to not understand why people are.

Sure, it's well animated, for a simple tween/ low movement animation, but I would agree it pretty much requires you to stumble through it to find out anything as nothing at least gives a visual hint or cue on what can be interacted with, not to mention it has been stated by the creators that it is not fully complete, so that doesn't help any.

But just to help out anyone curious or for carnal desires, you need to bring one or both of the lasers down by pulling the two side levers to position the lasers. You will then need to click on the figure panel right next to the left of the lab assistant and click on the area to apply the laser. You will then need to click on the bottom square button on the very left side of the button panels to actually turn on the laser. You will know the laser is doing it's science magic when it is shooting a spiraling effect instead of just a simple beam.

There are 5 areas that can be beamed: the hair, lips, breasts, legs/butt, and crotch. To actually manipulate the growth of a said part, you will need to click on the figure diagram in the small window that you see at the beginning on the lower left side. Just click on the appropriate area, like the area being beamed, and you can manipulate the bar on the diagram window to adjust the size. The size limit will increase based on how much has been beamed; so one beam will "fill up" slowly, whereas two will get the job done faster. There is a set limit.

Anonymous 13/09/18(Wed)20:36 No.12

To continue:

Once you get a particular part to the max size, you will need to move/remove the article that is "constricting" the growth potential.

For the hair, you will need to pull the hair down, though I don't know if the hat needs to be removed or not, though that can be replaced as desired. Pulling the hair bun down is all that's needed by clicking and or dragging it.

The lips will require you to remove the glasses, but you can replace them too.

The breasts will require you to quickly and rapidly click each button in sequence, from top to bottom, though I'm not sure if that is the set pattern, just that is the most repeatable pattern.

The legs/butt will require you to click and drag the pants off, I think you need to click on the crotch area first to get the drag to go through.

Once the assistant has the articles off, you can continue to beam some more on each part. Once you "fill" each part, you can have fun with the size, since you can revert her back or play around with it.

Once you max out the size of the breasts, they will move the front panel to reveal the middle lever on the back panel. You will need to turn off the lasers first in order to flip it. Once you flip it, click the middle button on the left side panel to turn on the platform beam. That will make the assistant grow a stick and berries. Beaming with the two growth lasers will make those grow large as well. If you rapidly click on the penis, or beam the crotch area, that will stimulate it and make it go throbbing. There is currently no ejaculation, penis or no.

Once you have successfully beamed every possible part to the max, you should have the ability to press the top button on the left side panel to allow the ability to enable odd growth. You will be able to change the odd growth for the breasts, legs, and penis and balls. You can toggle those parts in the small figure window via the three little icons to the bottom left. If you click on the main body of the figure, you will have the option to toggle the hat, glasses, and change the genitals, from just a vagina, or just a penis, or just balls, or with a penis and balls.

Anonymous 13/09/18(Wed)20:44 No.13

Lastly, you can reveal some tentacles and a milker, but I have not figured out the definite way to do so, and they do nothing yet. There is also a small pink gender symbol that peaks out from behind the front panel at the base of the platform, but so far clicking on it will just make a weird sound. Supposedly clicking all the buttons on the animating button panels below the graph to make them all on or all off will supposedly bring up the tentacles and milker, or other things, but I have not been successful in doing so. I assume there is a pattern to take note of to make it easier, or just a really fast, rapid and accurate click on each button.

So to recap, there is no ejaculation, milking or tentacles rape as of this version or writing, but the files and info in the file itself indicates that there may be. You can grow out the hair, lips, breasts, legs and penis. The breasts, legs and penis and balls are the only parts that can be toggled for odd growth.

All of this is from trial and error, and from compiling all results from the other users on the forums. Since this is not a complete work, I'm going to try and make things easier for people who just want to play it and or fap. If that is not the desire of Jaques or the coder, then they're looking at the wrong audience and application/platform. Not to mention, this is not a common forum, and most of the comments already speak of the steps. I just hope this is a bit more easier to read through.

Happy faps.

Anonymous 13/09/19(Thu)03:09 No.14

The tentacles/milker are unavailable for now.
I managed, through some trickery, to have all the blinking lights on/off at the same time. It also does nothing for now.
Presumably, "for now" also means "for the foreseeable future", if not "forever", because this is probably not going to receive an update any time soon. Quite unfortunate.

Anonymous 13/09/20(Fri)06:30 No.15

I can't get the buttons off. I've been clicking them like mad and nothing's happening.

Anonymous 13/09/20(Fri)09:02 No.16

Just click each one in succession once her breasts are maxed out (as far as they can be with the shirt on). It doesn't need to be super fast, but still relatively fast.

Anonymous 13/09/20(Fri)18:26 No.17

What does odd growth mean? I haven't been able to make those buttons do anything.

Anonymous 13/09/20(Fri)23:37 No.18

Odd growth as in you can make one side of the breasts separately versus together. To get those button tos work, you first need to get all of the parts to be maxed out, and then reduce them back down, then you should have access to the buttons. Usually it'll be after you get the top off and max out the breasts to push the center console, and then to get the genitals growing. After you max them all out, so you do need to let the lasers sit on each part fo a few seconds.

Anonymous 13/09/20(Fri)23:38 No.19

This is the max size with all the clothes still on. This is when you can tear off the top and bottom.

Anonymous 13/09/20(Fri)23:39 No.20

Here's minor growth after the clothes are off.

Anonymous 13/09/20(Fri)23:40 No.21

Filling out the bottom...

Anonymous 13/09/20(Fri)23:40 No.22

And for the top...

Anonymous 13/09/20(Fri)23:40 No.23

And some more on the top...

Anonymous 13/09/20(Fri)23:41 No.24

And this is the max size for the breasts. The max size for the bottom was seen earlier. This is when you reduce the breasts to reveal the center lever and use that to start the genitals.

Gundam Need OMNITL - Gigantituar Tutorial 14/01/25(Sat)20:17 No.25

I pretty much figured out everything except what the tentacles do, milking those luscious motherly mounds, or making her throbbing cock erupt.

Two levers underneath the right screen control the main lasers. Pull these down to activate.

Far left monitor screen, click the third hollow button to activate lasers.

Position lasers to "feed" the appropriate body part. You can then grow that part in the small window.

These apply after successfully "maxing" a body part.
-Click the buttons on her shirt, once taut, to make them pop. You must click all three in rapid succession or it will reset.
-Click and pull her dress once taut to expose her ass.
-Click and remove her hat (or use the control window) then click anywhere near her hair bun to release her hair.

You should now be able to grow her breasts, ass, and hair far beyond what you have previously.

Max her breasts size again, and the control panel will slide forward. A third lever appears in between the laser levers. This will activate a laser in between her legs.

Click the middle hollow button to activate this laser.

Max her new assets and play around with the settings. Sooner or later you will satisfy the conditions to "activate" the top hollow button on the far left monitor.

I believe this is done by maxing out her genitalia.

The tentacles and milking stow are located beneath the two control panels. There is no way to open this AFAIK.

There is also no way to cum AFAIK.

Happy hypering!

Anonymous 14/02/24(Mon)00:21 No.26

Supposedly this was a work in progress, even at this point. I read that Smith had a little bit more planned for this, even possibly more than just the milking, testicles, and cum. If smith is still working on this or not, I don't know.

Anonymous 14/06/11(Wed)01:28 No.27


Anonymous 14/06/13(Fri)01:20 No.28

I have spoken with both Smith6x7 and Jacques00 regarding this work. There was indeed more planned, but last I checked, Smith was leaving it as is for the foreseeable future due to endless complaints/requests/spam concerning how to unlock all the options, and when it was going to be finished, and can he add more content, etc. Needless to say, he hasn't been in a hurry to get back to it since. He however has told me that he does intend to finish it, and Jacques00 has expressed a willingness to help finalize it. When this will all be though, is anyone's guess.

Anonymous 14/06/13(Fri)09:46 No.29


Thanks for the update, it's good to know, especially since a lot of what Smith does is immediately spontaneous and then MIA for large portions of time.

Anonymous 14/06/15(Sun)01:13 No.30

Not as spontaneous as you think. Since he works hand in hand with Jacque00 pretty often, you can sometime see some of the WIPs if you tune into Jac's Picarto or Livestream. Stream times are quite random and rarely announced though, but I was witness to One More Night In The Lab being made. Not the details mind you, as Jac would go offline to prevent spoilers, but since it had BE, he drew, inked, shaded, etc that whole process publicly.

Anonymous 14/06/16(Mon)23:16 No.31

I remember some other flash works from Jacques00. It's been ages since I last saw them though. One of them was a cowgirl (different from the futa one) and another had a woman in a red dress where you put items on her to increase her expansions.

Goawaynow 14/07/03(Thu)06:33 No.32

Those two are on the Page of Boobs.
I can't post a link, but googling it will get you there. The page that the two are on is titled "Breast expansion flash archive (1)".

Anonymous 14/07/03(Thu)23:00 No.33


Yeah I ended up finding them on that page a few days ago. Is there like an archive of all the pictures that have been posted on that website or do they get deleted as new ones are posted?

Anonymous 14/07/03(Thu)23:22 No.34

>>31 For the museum one, do the paintings behind the woman do anything?