OC/our drawings thread?
Mel 12/02/27(Mon)23:00 No.1

Guys what if - hear me out here - what if we posted our own work here :o

Pitkin Millie 13/10/27(Sun)01:51 No.101

Hey. I posted here once before, but I'll do it again. I'd like to introduce you all to a character of mine named Millie (and her boyfriend, Mike). Here's a big picture that explains them; sorry for the wall of text.

Pitkin 13/10/27(Sun)01:51 No.102

Pitkin 13/10/27(Sun)01:52 No.103

Pitkin 13/10/27(Sun)01:52 No.104

Pitkin 13/10/27(Sun)02:07 No.105

TL;DR I guess:
Mike's a dorky but good-natured 16 year old boy who lives out in the country with a mostly absent mom. Millie is a cowgirl who followed him home when he was walking home from school. They basically live together due to having lots of privacy.

They sometimes go on dates but Mike is teaching her how to act in public, because she acts like a cow and says moo and likes to be naked. He dressed her up in the cute purple sweater. Despite her ways, don't be fooled, Millie has a healthy and mature sexuality.

How big she is depends on how much milk she has stored. Ranges from DD to massive. She has to be milked to get her excess milk out. Her tits are also sensitive and lactate easily, such as when brushing against clothes, so she lactates a lot in her sweater.

She likes doing it, though, and offers Mike her milk a lot, sexually or otherwise, from the source or in glass. She's also skilled with her tits in other ways. She also has a nice butt and she likes rough sex, anal, etc. They have a pretty kinky sex life despite the cuteness.

Millie's also super affectionate and likes attention and grinds up on Mike when she's horny but also she knows when to give him space. They have an open relationship but Mike is afraid of upsetting her by fooling around with others. Meanwhile Millie likes to play with people who are nice to her but still loves Mike more than anything.

Mel 13/11/03(Sun)16:37 No.106

Some recent drawings~

Mel 13/11/03(Sun)16:38 No.107

And now for something completely different :o

Skee 13/11/04(Mon)02:20 No.108

Redraw of ancient material

numberxxxvi 13/12/23(Mon)22:15 No.109

Since it seems like furry stuff is okay in this thread, i figure i'll post some things. Here's my snow lioness (mythical Tibetan creature with magical healing milk) Dzi, laying back and being a lazy gal.

numberxxxvi 13/12/23(Mon)22:18 No.110

a while back i tried to create a colossal squid girl to fill in a missing part of the backstory of another character. Here's what my first attempt at drawing her looked like; I always thought it was odd how so many people anthropomorphize squid and octopodes with the tentacles at the bottom, when they surround the mouth on the actual animal. What most people draw as the "top" is actually its hind end.

numberxxxvi 13/12/23(Mon)22:19 No.111

I wound up naming her Cassandra, by the way. Apologies for the faint lines from another page showing through on the scan.

numberxxxvi 13/12/23(Mon)22:21 No.112

I like to anthropomorphize unusual things, including vehicles. Here's my attempt at a gal based on one of the great Chinese explorer Zheng He's "treasure ships", the giantess Bao. She's around 450 feet from head to toe, so I guess those of you with good math skills can guess at how big that makes her bosom.

numberxxxvi 13/12/23(Mon)22:23 No.113

The BE supervillain Short Stack. For a while i went through a phase of making sexualized superheroes and villains, this was one of the later results.

numberxxxvi 13/12/23(Mon)22:27 No.114

For a while i was tinkering with some ideas for a set of sexual rules for D&D/Pathfinder, including rules for super-massive endowments. This was one of the results, a concept for a chounyuu player character race called the poluvirica (named after some beings from slavic mythology), who sling their enormous and super-tough tits over their shoulders when going into battle. Very much inspired by Semahiro's gals.

numberxxxvi 13/12/23(Mon)22:42 No.115

one of my rare recent colored pictures: Zizi, Demon Princess of Boobie Hugs. She's a cheerful innocent who was accidentally damned and wound up unintentionally rising to a position of great power and influence in the infernal realms.